Samstag, 17. November 2012

Kapitel 2: First Impressions of our journey

Konnichi wa!

Before we continue to write about how we got started and began to travel the world, we want to show you the first impressions of our around the world trip. This video includes our first tour stops at Prague, Dubai, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bali, Indonesia and Japan. But still - this is just the beginning of our Road To Brasil for the Football Worldcup 2014 and yet, there is much much more to come!
We will tell you what exactly happened at these different locations another time, but for now we hope you enjoy our little selfmade video:

Team To Bent - Unbentable

Thanks to everyone out there! Especially to all these people we've met on our journey through life so far and who travelled along with us for a while


Team To Bent

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